Community Sailing

Sailing provides the chance to learn new skills and experience the fun and the freedom of using the wind to power you round the creek. Its a skill that for some is a one-time treat, for others a regular pleasure and for another it can become the chance to take on a whole new career. Whatever the individual's motivation, we strive to offer sailing to our neighbours in Kilifi.

Kilifi Youth Sailing Squad

Some of our sailors are keen to test their skills racing competitively. Race training is a weekly event and our sailors are hoping to be able to prove themselves and secure funding to head south and show the continent just how great our Kenyan sailors are. We have hosted teams from Dar es Salaam Yacht Club on two occasions and attended regattas down at Dar as well. This partnership is enabling our squad to test their skills and to hone their competitive edge as well. The squad also race the annual Kenyan National Optimist Championships each July.

The program is run in partnership with Kilifi Boatyard and Kilifi Sailing Club.

Kesho Sailing Kesho is a Kilifi-based charity who work to get children into school and support them throughout their education, making it possible for them to progress well and to graduate successfully. 3° South is proud to offer sailing to Kesho's students as part of its Enrichment Program. The program aims to promote students' personal and professional development through a number of extra-curricular activities. We currently have a group of Primary school students working through their RYA Stages.

Get Involved If you want to find out more about Community Sailing or want your school or NGO to be involved, please drop us a line to find out more.