Facilities Summary


  • Transport: The main bus park hosts the small crazy matatus which run north-south up and down the Mombasa-Malindi highway. It is also the start point for the Mash Poa executive bus service to Nairobi (3 buses daily). There are a number of local taxi services and these should be used for trips to Watamu, Mombasa or Malindi if you don't fancy the matatus.


  • Money: A number of banks operate in Kilifi and offer ATM services. These include KCB, Barclays, National and Equity Banks. The Barclays and KCB ATMs recognise foreign cards so long as they have the Visa logo.


  • Medical Care: Kilifi has a District Hospital and a number of clinics. The District Hospital should be used in emergencies only and any serious treatment should be sought in Mombasa or Nairobi.


  • Pharmacy: Kilifi has a few very well stocked chemists - notably Tusky's, Palmland and Titanic Pharmacies. Titanic is staffed with a pharmacist who can give advice on many ailments and remedies. 


  • Bars & Restaurants: Kilifi has a few places to head out to for food and drinks. Try out Baroness for tasty samosas, the 'members' club for great local food and awesome views over the creek and Nautilus for a slap-up dinner with great hosts. On a Friday night its a MUST to head to Distant Relatives for a wood-oven pizza - delicious.



  • Transport: The matatus running north-south stop at the stage outside of Mnarani Club. You'll also find this an easy spot to pick up a tuk-tuk, piki-piki or boda-boda. Longer journeys should be started from the main bus park in Kilifi.


  • Bars & Restaurants: Mnarani has a number of small local bars, the easiest to find are Roasters, Vogue, Dhows Inn and Creek Garden. There is also the hotel bar at the Mnarani Club. urther inland from the village is Kilifi Boatyard where cold Tusker and fresh seafood is served daily in a relaxed setting by the water and beyond that you will find the resort location of Mandharini with its excellent beach bar.