1 base ... 3 great sailing areas!

Kilifi Creek provides for  a range of sailing areas which we utilise to suit the needs of the sailor and the conditions.

Our centre is based on the beautiful sandy beach at Mnarani Club giving you the chance to cruise the creek, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, pull up on the beaches or head out onto the waves if it takes your fancy.

By arrangement, and with more advanced sailors we head down to the Bowl for long, uninterrupted reaches or out onto the ocean for some fun in the waves.

Whatever the conditions there is always somewhere to get out and play on the water.


Prevailing Conditions 

October - March: 

The prevailing conditions are predictable and seasonal. The north easterly Kaskazi winds blow from October - March bringing the warm weather of Kenya's dry season. Air temperatures stay above 30°C even at night; water temperatures  reach around 27°C and the wind builds predictably from mid-morning until mid-afternoon. Wind speed is between 6 and 16 knots, with stronger winds to be found on the Ocean and in the Bowl. The ocean is generally smooth.

April - September:

The south easterly Kusi winds blow from April - September and bring the more variable weather of the monsoon season. Air temperatures range between 28 and 30°C with water temperatures of around 20°C. The ocean builds a good swell - great for wave sailors and winds blow in the similar range (6 - 18 knots) as during the Kaskazi, though in a less predictable daily pattern. Rains can be expected during some of this season, though mostly falling at night time. Other than the rain showers you can expect the same blue skies you'd see from October - March.