Team 3° South

The 3° South team is made up of people passionate about their watersports, so we make sure that they are all qualified with  RYA Instructor awards. 
We all love our watersports and we want you to love them too! 

Kenyan National looking for a great job opportunity? We recruit hard-working, passionate, team-oriented people and train them through to instructor level. If you think this is you then why not apply to join the team?

 Drop us a line to find out how you can join.

Jo - Owner & Instructor: Jo has been a watersports instructor for over 20 years (!). She has worked all over the world teaching children and adults alike the skills of sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming. You're most likely to find her out on a windsurfer when its blowing and repairing all our sails when its not!

Buba - Beach Manager, Advanced Dinghy & Windsurf Instructor: Buba joined us a trainee windsurf instructor and found he had a passion for the sport and a love of the water. He took his skills forward to become a dual-qualified instructor before heading off to travel and work around the world. Once he returned he has discovered the art of foiling windsurfing, so If the wind is up you'll find him out on the water honing his skills.

Sarah - Dive & Windsurf Instructor & admin: Sarah joins us from the world of diving. During her time with us she has developed her windsurfing skills and become an instructor in that too. When Sarah is not under or on the water she is the lady who answers your emails!

Young - Sailing Instructor: ‘Young Wizz’ joined us as a beach hand and soon discovered a love for windsurfing. During the windy season, he soon discovered that going fast on top of the water was something that he loved. Now a dinghy Instructor he is looking forward to getting you out there and helping to share the joy of sailing and windsurfing.

Sharif - Sailing Instructor: Sharif has been a part time member of the team for a while, working on the weekends during school terms. Since finishing school he has become a full time member of the team enjoying the ‘beach life’. Sharif also dabbles in windsurfing, he’s looking forward to the windy season so that he can master the art of going as fast on a board as he does in a boat.

Kev - Advanced Dinghy & Windsurf Instructor: Kev has been sailing since he was 10 years old and is a dab hand in a Laser. He has always worked in the watersports industry and has been a qualified windsurf and sailing instructor for the past 8 years. He loves to race and is most likely to be seen just in front of you on the start line!

Snerow - Dinghy & Windsurf Instructor: Snerow has always had a love of the water but has now switched from fishing to sailing & windsurfing as his profession. As a qualified RYA Instructor he can now be found out on the water coaching and beaming his trademark smile at all his students, while flying past on a boat or board.

Beka - Sailing Instructor: Beka has been sailing with us for years as part of our community sailing program. He joined us once he left school and has gone from strength to strength to become a Dinghy Instructor. He loves to race, so if you find some time - throw down the gauntlet!

Issa - Sailing Instructor: Issa has been working on the beach with with us for a while and decided that teaching looks like fun. He’s spent the last year learning to sail, gaining confidence in and on the water and can now help you to do the same, chat to him for his tops tips on gaining water confidence.

Jeizan - Sailing Instructor: Jeizan joined our community sailing program at the age of 8. After a short gap when he moved to Tanzania, he came back and and continued developing his skills on and off the water. Jeizan joined the 3° South team and immediately injected enthusiasm and laughter. Let him take you on the water to show you how fun sailing can be.

Milo - Super Dog: Milo has been on the 3° South team since its inception in 2012. He loves the water and enjoys feeling the wind in his ears from the bow of the safety boat. He prefers sailing to windsurfing and is starting to master the SUP. When he is not on the water you'll find him digging for crabs on the beach.